6th Plenary

GoG-MCF/SHADE 6th Plenary Session Air Deconfliction Working Group Presentation 23rd November 2022 By Commodore Mm Braimah – Nigerian Navy

Maiden Anti-Piracy Patrol In Gulf of Guinea By Indian Navy – IN deployment to GoG 6th plenary G0G-MCF SHADE – 23rd November 2022.

GoG-MCF / SHADE – Information Sharing and Incident Reporting (ISIR) Working Group 9th and 10th Session

GoG-MCF / SHADE – Maritime Threat Assessment 3rd Quarter – Presented By Shehu Yusuf

Presentation By Ghana and Norway Co-Penholders of UNSC Resolution 2634 On Maritime Security In The GoG

SHADE GOG – November 2022  Industry Brief For Translators